Club News

Operations Horses & Heros Fundraiser

What a great time we had yesterday. So far we have raised just short of $900 for OHH. There are still a few donations being made through the Facebook posts.

So many of you made big contributions. Not just money but time and resources and it’s greatly appreciated. Ira, thanks so much for the extra media attention, Donna for coordinating the lists and much more, Nita, you and Tom A thank you for printing the signage and the posters. Juli, please pass our appreciation to the band. They did a fantastic job and now we are spoiled and realize this is a vital part of setting the tone. To all who brought food and beverages, a big thank you.

To our artist presenters, Ira, Tom K , Peter, Carol, Tom A, Vicki, Luis and Fabian, Bob L, Tom M. Juli and the Rea sisters. A huge thank you for sharing your talent and your generous contributions. Forgive me if I missed anyone.

Many of you were already thinking of new and better enhancements for the next time, as well as ideas for the club over all. I cannot wait until you put your minds together and plan out this coming season.

Proud to be the President of such a great group of people.

Warmest Regards and Sincere Thanks!!


April 2018 Competition Winners

“Spiral Inside the C” -Peter Weldon- DPI

“Dilapidated Doorway“ -Keith French- Small Color

“Roughlock Falls” -Ira Marcus- Large Color

“Battered House on the Prairie” -Keith French- Small Monochrome

“Barn Loft” -Keith French- Large Monochrome