January 2019 Competition Winners

DPI Awards

DPI Best of Show “I Can Fly” Brian Matti

DPI Award “Ready For My Closeup” Lorraine Matti

DPI Award “Watch Works” Ira Marcus

DPI Award “Pretty Mum” Larry Huck

DPI HM “Stretching My Wings” Brian Matti

DPI HM “I’ve Only Just Begun” Larry Huck

DPI HM “Relaxed Red Tail” Lorraine Matti

DPI HM “Colorful Reflection” Lorraine Matti

Print Competition Awards

Sm Color Best of Show “Norwegian Lutheran Church” Keith French

Sm Color HM “Lotus Flower” Bob LaBarre

Sm Color HM “Ninth Floor” Bob LaBarre


Lg Color Best of Show “S Curve Light Trails“ Joshua Smith

Lg Color HM “Yankee Lady” Keith French


Sm Monoprint Best of Show “No Steeple – No People” Keith French

Sm Monoprint HM “Soulful Eyes” Thomas Allen


Lg Monoprint Best of Show “Winding Descension” Keith French

Lg Monoprint HM “Cloud Rider” Thomas Allen