October 2018 Competition Winners

DPI Awards

DPI Best of Show “Butterfly Paused For a Snack”, Larry Huck

DPI Award “Relaxed Barred Owl” Lorraine Matti

DPI Award “Don’t Try This at Home” Peter Weldon

DPI Award “Liz’s Iris” Jerry Sopha

DPI HM “4th of July” Tom Krebsbach

DPI HM “Skidding to a Stop” Keith French

DPI HM “Monarch Butterfly” Luis Uribe

DPI HM “Red Peony” Jerry Sopha

DPI HM “Sushi for Dinner” Tom Krebsbach

Print Competition Awards

Sm Color Best of Show “Morning Rain” Robert LaBarre

Sm Color HM “Julia Butterfly” Larry Huck

Sm Color HM “Pelican In Flight” Larry Huck

Lg Color Best of Show “Serendipity” Keith French

Lg Color HM “Prairie Barn Sunset” Keith French

Sm Monoprint Best of Show “Looking at Lunch” Robert LaBarre

Sm Monoprint HM “Hilltop Congregation” Keith French

Sm Monoprint HM “Royal Falconer” Keith French

Lg Monoprint Best of Show “A Rose in Black & White” Larry Huck

Lg Monoprint HM “B-25 At Stand” Peter Weldon