ONE BUCK Challenge

Introducing the EACC “One Buck Challenge”

September – A Beatles Song
October – Symmetry
November – Tombstones
December – Reflections, but not mirrors
January – Silhouettes or Shadows
February – Candy Photo, artistic or abstract
March – Stopping the action – where the main subject is stopped at the peak of action
April – Abstract Texture
May – Take a Dirty photo (a dirt covered car, a messy baby face, a muddy dog)
DEADLINE for each month is the Friday before the first meeting at 6 pm, and judged at the beginning of each month’s first meeting.

RULES:   Any paid up EACC member can enter.

* Only 1 entry submitted per theme.
* Meet the entry deadline and pay the $1.00 fee.
* Make sure your photo follows the “theme”.
* This will be a DPI* contest.
* DPI rules (see below)

THEMES: Your ideas for future themes will be collected at the first meeting. One will be drawn for each of the remaining competitions. Schedule will be posted. Themes will be things like: Stairways, windows, the color blue, whatever.

Each club member will have one month to make and submit one DPI & bring the $1.00 entry fee to the meeting.

Everybody votes! You be the judge! Everyone in attendance can vote for their 2 favorite entries. Ballots will be supplied and then collected.  Points announced at some point during or at the end of the meeting and winners awarded.


1st Way: get the most votes for the competition.
2nd Way:  accumulate most points over the course of the EACC year

1 point  – Entering the competition
3 points – Winning the most votes
2 points – 2nd place winning the 2nd most votes
1 point  –  3rd place winning the 3rd most votes


Winners will receive half of the entry fees collected for that contest. The other half of the fees collected will go into a pot, to be awarded to the maker with the highest total points for the season.

Should there be a tie, the money will be divided equally between the winners.

So you see, the more competitions you enter, the better your chances of taking the prize at the end of the year.


Make sure your photo is titled and properly sized. For ease and consistency, each will be formatted exactly the same as all CACCA DPI competitions. Maximum dimensions of image 1400 by 1050 pixels, including borders. (There are no creative restrictions for your entry, only that it fits the theme. Pictures can be straight out of the camera or as post processed as you see fit.)

How to title: photo title, last name, first name

Deadline is 6PM the Friday before the program meeting.

send to:


The photos will be viewed on screen in a Power Point presentation.  Each picture will be previewed for 15 seconds.  The slide show will run on a timer. The same slide show will run a 2nd time.  At the end of the 2nd run, ballots will be collected.

When judging these entries, here are some considerations to think about:

  1. IMPACT  This is best explained by the “I wish I had taken that picture”.
  2. COMPOSITION the arrangement of the forms within the photo should be pleasing to the eye.
  3. ARTISTIC APPROACH   The subject should have a strong graphic or symbolic composition.
  4. LIGHTING  It is all about the lighting, right?  Lighting is the law.
  5. EXPOSURE  Well balanced photo is good, right? But while judging, you may decide that an unusual exposure is skillfully handled and achieves the desired mood or dramatic effect.
  6. FOCUS  While photographers strive to enhance their target subject matter, judges must determine if the goal was achieved.
  7. THEME How well the picture fits to the theme.