February 2019 Competition Winners

DPI Awards

DPI Best of Show “Happy Pup”  Lorraine Matti

DPI Award “Icy Sunset” Ira Marcus

DPI Award “Half Dome” Fabian Uribe

DPI HM “Fire & Ice” Keith French

DPI HM “Time Flies” Peter Weldon

DPI HM “Great Horned Owl” Keith French

Print Competition Awards

Sm Color Best of Show “Looking at Lunch” Bob LaBarre

Sm Color HM “Water Lily” Peter Weldon


Lg Color Best of Show “River Tour” Bob LaBarre

Lg Color HM “Blue Heron Family” Larry Huck

Sm Monoprint Best of Show “Bloom and Buds” Bob LaBarre

Sm Monoprint HM “St Paul’s Charlottetown” Bob LaBarre

Lg Monoprint Best of Show “Big Kitty” Larry Huck

Lg Monoprint HM “Snow Barn” Peter Weldon