November 2018 Competition Winners

DPI Awards

DPI Best of Show “Barn Owl” Larry Huck

DPI Award “Rhododendron” Jerry Sofa

DPI Award “Daisy Blues” Luis Uribe

DPI Award “Ash Leaves” Ira Marcus

DPI HM “Teamwork” Bert Adriatico

DPI HM “Hello” Tom Krebsbach

DPI HM “Thistle” Jerry Sofa

DPI HM “Scarlet Peony” Jerry Sofa

DPI HM “Lily with Water Drops” Larry Huck

DPI HM “Perfect Timing” Tom Krebsbach

Print Competition Awards

Sm Color Best of Show “Tube Construction” Keith French

Sm Color Award “A Male Cardinal” Larry Huck

Sm Color HM “Colored Cat’s Eyes” Ira Marcus

Sm Color HM “Lily Shadow” Bob LaBarre

Lg Color Best of Show “Whispering Waterfall” Peter Weldon

Lg Color HM “Trio Plus One of Roses” Larry Huck

Sm Monoprint Best of Show “Take Time to Remember” Peter Weldon

Sm Monoprint Award “Heroes Past and Present” Keith French

Sm Monoprint HM “Lotus Flower” Bob LaBarre

Sm Monoprint HM “Duck on Calm Water” Larry Huck

Lg Monoprint Best of Show “First Presbyterian of Boonville” Keith French

Lg Monoprint HM “Pelican With An Itch” Larry Huck